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  1. Hey there, I’ve been dealing with a really rough and long health anxiety episode for about two months now. I’ve had an odd pulling sensation in my groin for 1.5 months, got a vaginal and abdominal ultrasound - findings were a simple ovarian cyst and a “reactive” but nonenlarged lymph node. Doc said nothing looks worrisome. The reactive lymph node is making me anxious a bit since that typically means you’re fighting off something and then last night, I discovered that my left thigh looks horrific. See attached picture. I’m now fully convinced it’s leukemia because of the reactive lymph node and this unexplained bruising. No other symptoms, though. I have an appetite, no unexplained weight loss, energy levels are the same as they’ve always been, no fevers, no constant headaches, no nausea. I should also add that I got a CBC test done in late april and everything was normal but I plan to get another one because of these new leukemia fears. Any thoughts?