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Participate: Cannabidiol for the Treatment of Anxiety Disorders

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First-line pharmacological treatments for anxiety disorders include antidepressants. Unfortunately, treatment response rates to these standard agents are less than optimal, with 40–60% of patients continuing to have residual, impairing symptoms. Although there have been no studies evaluating the effects of cannabis or cannabidiol (CBD - the component thought to be most anxiety-relieving) in clinical populations, a recent survey of 2032 medical cannabis users, found that 44% (n=888) reported using cannabis for anxiety, suggesting further research on the anxiolytic effects of cannabis is required. The objective of this study is to provide systematic, prospectively derived data on the effects of CBD and THC in anxiety disorders. At the end of the study, participants will enter follow-up care with the study doctor.

McMaster University Medical Centre
Principal Investigator
Michael Van Ameringen, MD
Eligibility Criteria

Participants must have a primary diagnosis of an anxiety disorder. Eligible participants are between 21-65 years of age, as there is a growing body of scientific evidence that smoked cannabis may have deleterious effects on the developing brain. Patients cannot have a lifetime history of cannabis use disorder or daily cannabis use. 

Hamilton, ON
Study End Date

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