Physical symptom due to anxiety....

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When I wake up in the morning for my stressful job I don't feel nauseous but I can't eat much because I get this anxiety cough/gag type of fits that I can't control without sucking on cough drops.  So, as the day goes on and I'm faced with a stressful/anxiety provoking incident I just pop more cough drops.  I'm going to seek help with a professional soon, but does anyone have any suggestions on what I can do that might help? 

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Dear,  Anxiety is an emotion. Anxiety will bring anxious thoughts to your mind and when you identify with these thoughts, you become anxious. Your anxiety is palpable food for anxiety to recharge off. This deception works well because you are blind to what is actually happening. Be mindful with what is really happening. When you understand that anxiety is an outside energy that is sabotaging your thoughts, in awareness you can begin to heal. or else check this out which might help you!

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