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Hello Everyone,  

So for the past week I have been doing alot better at managing my reactions to my anxiey and accepting it better as my new normal , been trying to keep my mind focused and not have it wander off. However, the past couple days my anxiety has had me in tears, feeling bad and ill on the inside and I absolutely hate when it makes me feel that way. It makes me feel like its trying to steal my happiness away from the love of my life (My husband) and then it puts me in major fear of losing him even tho I never will, he makes me the happiest woman in the world amd I wouldn't trade him for anything in the world , hes my soulmate. Hes everything to me, hes my home. I just want to get control better of my anxiety,  it makes me very emotional. Please any tips, or advice helps.

Thank you for listening !

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