Citalopram doesn't work? Advice?

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Hi everyone, 

Recently (since April 13th) I started taking Citalopram (Celexa) for my depression. I started with 10 mg, which made me feel 'normal'/neutral for the first two weeks. After those two weeks my GP increased the dose to 20 mg, which she said is the standard dose for adults. I took 20 mg for five weeks, but didn't notice any effect. After five weeks the dose was increased to 30 mg. On 30 mg I feel less nervous. I don't feel happier or more positive, but I worry a little bit less. 

My psychiatrist wants to up my dose  to 40 mg or switch to escitalopram. Do you think that upping the dose to 40 mg will work? I have my doubts, because 20 and 30 mg didn't work. Should I still try or would it be wiser to switch to a different brand? 

I felt like my psychiatrist could not advice me properly. It was like he was reading everything from Wikipedia. Does anyone have experience with this? Is it 'normal' to not really feel happier/more positive on 20/30 mg? How am I am supposed to feel (if they would work)? I would appreciate some advice. 

Thanks in advance!

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