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Newbie 29 year old Teacher Woman in need of help and perspective...

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Hi there, I was wondering how many of you have been dealing with muscle fasciculations? Mine happen all over my body, but primarily in my knees/thighs when I am at rest. I was wondering how many of you also experience perceived weakness in it's company? Lastly, how many of you can pinpoint these to PTSD and/or other traumatic experiences? 

I have a long history of familial emotional trauma, in addition to having worked in Alternative Educational programs in the inner-city of Chicago, where I have seen and been the victim of various forms of trauma from that role as well...

Any and all insight is welcomed.

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Hello. I am sorry to hear that your are having this struggle, but it is one of the most common on this forum.

Fasiculations are almost always benign and are probably the most common physical symptom of anxiety. I have been twitching for three months and I have perceived weakness all the time. It is completely normal for anxiety sufferers and harmless. Our mind is hyperfocused and constantly labeling every minor feeling as a dangerous threat. It can literally target all of our body parts, or several, or just one. It all depends on what your fear and what your anxious mind decides to focus on that day.

I also agree that traumatic events open the door for health anxiety to grab hold. I have had a rough last few months (from my perspective). I had a near death experience, a sudden breakup, an unhealthy roommate situation, and a very unfulfilling and stressful job. I am convinced that these allowed for the HA to cast a dark cloud over my life. I start CBT soon but definitely see a strong connection between trauma and physical manifestations of anxiety.

Be well.


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