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Panic, and so so tired

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Hello. I'm new here, and feel I really need to talk to someone.

So, I'm writing this after my second panic attack in 3 days. My first ended up with me sat, explaining symptoms to a paramedic (Thought I was mid heart attack) then an EKG showing a healthy heart...Then it happened again soon after he left. This time, all I remember is...Pounding heart, then panic attack.

I've never experienced this before, but it's the worst thing I think I've ever dealt with. 

Going to see my doc the first chance I can.

Does anyone have any tips? I try to control my breathing, and think "This is a panic attack. Nothing more. The symptoms are your brain, nothing more." But it's impossible to control.

I feel lost...


Thanks for reading.

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I am new here also and wanted to see if you found anything helpful? I was in fitness room last week and almost passed out. Takes me a while to bounce back. Hope you are doing better !


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I'm new as well. I'm currently seeing a counselor because of PTSD and panic attacks. What he taught me was finding a safe place within my mind. 
Close your eyes and imagine yourself being carried away by clouds. It takes you away from wherever you are to a place of peace. Anywhere. For me, it was on the beach at my hometown. Envision yourself there and pay attention to the details. The smell. The taste. The things around you. The textures. Where you are located. What you're wearing. Are you sitting? Standing? Listen to the sounds. Then realize that you're safe. That you're okay. 

It takes a while to do this but once you find this safe place and you practice it, you'll be able to connect with it easily. Panic attacks suck. And I'm sorry you're dealing with them. Know that I'm here and I understand. 

- Z

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