Shortness breath

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Please help me.  I am so scared.  I have had this sensation of irritation below not behind my sternum sort of solar plexus area.  It makes me want to cough to ckear it.  I was not short of breath till today.  Even talking I feel s.o.b.  have had these flares before but dont undrstand what it is.  Had clear chest x ray 2 weeks ago and have had chest cts when it was bad before.  I also have a small hiatal hernia.  Has anyone else had this.  I have no infection but a mucus cough.  Also have silent rerlux but I am convinced it is lung cancer.  Can this just be caused by my anxietynover the irritation I mentioned.  Please anyone I am shaking with fear.

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Hello Maria, 

I'm sorry you are going through this. Since you have been cleared by doctor's I would say it's anxiety. I have had this before. You are anxious to start with and by adding more fear it makes us hyperventilate. I have learned in counseling techniques to conquer my shallow breathing in those situations. 

Best Wishes. 

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