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  1. Hi, my name is Marissa & I have anxiety. I've been having on & off headaches on the back of my head for almost a month now. Sometimes they'll go near my ear, temple & forehead areas & every once in a while they'll happen in the same places on the other side of my head. It's not really severe. Every now & then it feels like a sharp pain & other times it's a dull pain. It never awakens me from sleep. Well, I went to the dr Friday to find out what's causing the headaches & my Dr said that it's bad anxiety & that I need to try to calm down & stop worrying so much about things. All day long Friday, Saturday & Sunday.. I had no headaches at all so I thought they were over but I started having what feels like a numb-like feeling in my left arm & leg & both of my legs & arm feel heavy & weak. Well, Monday I had to go with my grandma to the dr (she had breast cancer a while back) & they wanted to check on her to make sure it wasn't back. That's when the headaches came back. I gotta admit, I was worried about her & I also had my 3 yr old daughter with me. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely adore my daughter very much but she irritates me when she refuses to listen to me & I get aggravated when that happens. Anywho, she started messing with stuff at the dr's office so I got irritated & when I got irritated, that's when the headaches started. Well, they've been happening again yesterday & a little bit today as well as the numb-like feeling in my arm & leg. My arm & legs aren't numb because I can feel everything that's being done to them. It just feels that way. I've been absolutely worried that I have a brain tumor & that's what's causing all of these symptoms. My family & friends have all told me that it's nothing more than anxiety because that's what my Dr said it was as well & im starting to think they're all right because when I get irritated at all, that's when my headaches usually start. Other times I don't even feel stressed out about anything & I'll still get a headache here & there. My blood pressure is also high (149/93). I can't go to the hospital & have tests done because I can't afford it. So I'm just basically dealing with this. No type of medication helps either. Can anxiety seriously cause all of these symptoms? Please tell me I'm not alone in this? I don't have anybody to help me get through this. I just need somebody to hear me out.