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About Me

I could be any one of you.

I'm a married, university educated, 40-something professional. My first degree was in English Literature, with a strong side order of philosophy, and I love concepts like how narrative interacts with our creation of identity and so on, which is dry enough to put almost anyone to sleep. I am most of my way through a degree in Psychology, with a strong side order of neuroscience, because all majors deserve a good minor and this one seemed to fit nicely. I have a reasonably good grasp on how the brain works, and what it's doing when it does what it does, especially with stress, depression and anxiety.

I know a few things about that, too, because I have dealt with anxiety and panic for more than half my life (and possibly longer, if I really look at it hard enough.) It started out as health anxiety, but I'm pretty sure it's changed itself into something a lot more generalized. And, while I am able to deal with it and live my life, it's also a struggle that I face every day. I don't face this struggle alone, either; my wife is both a supporter, and a sufferer as well.

I'm hoping to get to know some people here and share the support that helped to get me through the bad times. Maybe I can help someone through their bad times too.