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    The reason I mentioned my physician is because a number of years ago I had discoloration on my tongue and he just said to forget about it as most tongue issues are benign.
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    I will tell a few more stories. When I was younger, I lived at one time with 2 other guys. One of them was a manager at a storage facility. Three men were storing drugs in one of the units, which my friend did not know about. In the middle of the night, 2 of the men came and removed the drugs and left. My friend at the time was newly married and had a 9 month old baby. The remaining man came in the next day and of course found his drugs were missing and confronted my friend and accused him of taking them. My friend of course knew nothing about the contents of the unit, but was shot and killed over the missing items. He was only 29 at the time. I went to the funeral and it was horrific and his wife really never fully recovered and passed away years later at 46 from lung cancer and never smoked. Other family members took care of the child. The family who lost there son had another son who passed away from a brain tumor as a teenager. My wife had a sister who passed away from a brain tumor at the age of 6. Her mother never recovered and used to check my wife's eyes all of the time as her daughter who passed away became cross eyes from the tumor. I had a client of mine who had a benign brain tumor come back twice and he thank goodness is fine. I had another client of mine who got run over by a tractor trailer as he was getting out of his van and after extensive rehab, he is much better now. It is amazing he survived at all and they never caught the person who ran him over. So again,. it is best to try to put things in perspective, as things could always be worse.
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    You are fine and don't have anything to worry about. That amoeba is found in lakes and rivers etc...and the chance of contracting it is so so so so small. You would have a better chance of being struck by lightning. I have stayed at a condo a few times at fort walton beach! Please, please, go on your balcony.. take a deep breath.. look out at the stunning view and give yourself a hug. You are okay. Have a fun time and don't let an irrational thoughts ruin your beautiful vacation!!!!
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    I try to put things in perspective. Everyone feels beaten up and down sometimes. Some more then others. I have a client of mine who has an organization that helps people with disabilities. I was there last year and saw a young man with no arms and had fingers coming out of his shoulders. When he went to eat, he would stick his head in the plate and eat like a dog would. He drank out of a straw. He has a decent attitude and has a job. Another woman there is blind and is a dwarf. She takes the bus everyday to a job. Her attitude is pretty good also. There is a person I know who has MS. He is in his 50's. He used to be a workout guru and was a tough guy. Now he used sticks to walk and wobbles like a top. He swims everyday and credits that with keeping him out of a wheel chair. His attitude is pretty good too. I could go on and on. When I see these people, my problems don't seem near as bad as I think they are.
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    I had a friend of mine once who attempted suicide but failed. He told me that the psychiatric nurse in the hospital told him it will aggravate people more if you are alive as if you are not around, you will be forgotten pretty quickly. This guy had a real string of bad luck. He lost his job, his wife cheated on him, which he actually witnessed and then he got in a car accident. The pressure got too much for him, so he tried to hang himself, but someone walked in on him and stopped it. He got the proper treatment and is doing OK now.
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    Please don’t do anything. A friend recently lost her daughter to suicide and it was devastating. I know it can be hard we are living in such stressful times but you are a blessing and you will be a blessing to someone else I promise you. Put one foot in front of the other it’s not much but it is enough, you are enough.