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    I've been doing a good job of squashing my ALS fears these last few months as I've noticed very occasional breathing/speaking/swallowing issues, but it's just exploded for me in the last 24 hours and I spent all night crying and refusing to speak. I think I can feel soft palate inadequacy. It's called velopharyngeal dysfunction and it's really just associated with a few structural issues that are much more common in kids and motor neuron disease. I am beyond panicking. I am crying for my son who won't have a mother and fearful because I won't let anyone spend money on my care. Help. I appreciate anything anyone can contribute. I have a background in ALS fears and spent a very long time convinced I had limb-onset ALS, until a clean EMG showed I did not. I am a teacher and have a lot of stress about next year, both for me and my son. I generally feel ok and everyone I know says I am not slurring my speech at all, but I can feel it.