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Hello everyone. I recently posted on here about IBS, depression, and anxiety. Well today I am not doing that good in terms of my anxiety. I am so afraid. I apologize for being graphic, but on Saturday, I couldn't sleep and awoke at around 2:30am, I went to the bathroom and had a long narrow stool then pushed out tiny narrow pieces and my lower stomach was hurting. I also never go at this time. The next day it was similar but I let out what looked like mud after the initial solid stool. I am so afraid. I am hoping that I don't have c****r. My left lower back has on again off again discomfort. Today I went to the bathroom at my normal timt and it was short and hard and had white mucus in it. I am freaking out. My daughter will be 1 on the 27th and I am so afraid that I won't see her grow up. I feel like crying under a rock.

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Hey, i know like many here what its like to experience new symptoms. Today i feel like I have the flu , i was up all night sick. Likely do have the flu but in my mind its much worse nevermind the fact that i have gotten food poison in the past and felt much, much worse. The difference? I didnt have an anxiety problem then so i didnt add extra fear. Sounds to me like your having a bad time with your anxiety as well, im trying to go at this without using benzos myself. Are you home? I had to work and its been a struggle to say the least. Your not alone ok.

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