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I feel really weak

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Yesterday and today I've felt really weak and I'm always tired. Also I get really hungry so I eat something then my stomach will start feeling weird so I'll lose my appetite for a little while, so I haven't been eating much. But then I'll get really hungry, but nothing looks appetizing enough to actually eat. This is obviously not helping me with feeling weak. I feel like something is wrong with me. I've noticed I'll feel more weak when it's night. I'm feeling weak right now and I'm starting to get anxiety, like I've said in older posts I'm so scared of fainting because I have before. My solution to this is eating a lot to try to get my strength back, but then I come to the problem of not knowing what to eat and not wanting my stomach to feel weird. I'm scared I'm coming down with something because I've noticed that I'm prone to getting the stomach bug, whenever there's one going around I end up getting it. One year I got it three times in the span of two months. I know there's a bad one going around and I feel like I'm going to get it and that's making me nervous because obviously when I get them I don't feel like eating because I don't want my stomach to get upset but then I get anxiety thinking that since I'm not eating that much I'm going to faint again.

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