Feel like I am drowning! Please help

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I have had health anxiety for more years than I want to admit. It has been decently controlled until lately• I changed meds from Effexor XR to Wellbutrin. Not sure if thst has anything to do with it. Just need any reassurance. Tingly symptoms came back and I ran to my neuro about a month ago• he knows my anxiety and did an EMG to rule out my biggest fear of ALS. I did good for a few Weeks then got a headache that won't go away has been about 9 days. Somehow that triggered the ALS fear again and now I am almost dysfunctional. While my neuro has told me to do certain exercises to help assure myself I am ok, I still can't shake the fear. I can walk on my tip toes, in my heals, squat and get up at least 10x, balance on each leg for extended time, hip on each leg foot fine, ride my exercise bike but still have the heavy feeling in my arms and tingly face and arms. I am nauseated, and almost feel as if I am living outside my brain. I constantly am making sure I can lift things • When I walk I feel shaky. Any suggestions/ assurances/ advice  before I fall deeper? Thank  you so much! God Bless us all. 

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Hello again 🙂

Trusting doctors can be tough, especially when we feel physical symptoms. Based on what you're stating and the fact that you've been to the Doctor, it's highly unlikely that you have ALS. I too struggle with health anxiety. I am always here if you want to talk! A bunch of people from here are on a Facebook Messenger chat. If you want, send me a message and I will add you to it! 


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