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xperiencing visual trails. The first time I noticed it , I was walking through the hallways and when I passed the bathroom doorway, a trail of faded images followed. Then I noticed when I waved my hand in front of my face, a trail of images followed it as well. I have a really bad problem with ticks from anxiety. I constantly tense my neck and blink or twitch my eyebrows. I am currently taking sertraline (50 mg)… I am wondering has anyone had anyexperience with this? Does anyone know if these can be related? I’ve ready some about tension head headache and migraines and have wondered if this could be the cause. 

I’ve included and image below as an example.2E559671-6B01-4E4C-AB46-7FAE4BE8FD79.jpeg.f106a460167b6d45a68f1b66f2e734e4.jpeg

Shared Image.png

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