Pain/tenderness/cramp on right side of neck/jaw & while swallowing - please help

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I had an upper endoscopy done on Saturday, went pretty well. Woke up on Sunday, and on my right side, the area directly below where most people get that TMD/TMJ was sore. Called the gastro place that did the EGD, they said because of my higher BMI they had to manipulate my jaw when they gave me air so it might be sore for awhile. My jaw on the right side has clicked for awhile as well before the EGD.

My soreness wasn't where the actual joint is, but it was a little bit below that. Of course having HA, I thought the worst, went to an Urgent Care (kinda like a GP who can see you immediately), they checked around and found nothing and also said it might have been the jaw issue from the EGD.

Fast forward a few days later. It's 11/18, I'm having some HA about my hemorrhoids - wake up at 3:50 AM in the middle of the night, go back to bed, lay in bed for awhile, then I notice when I swallow or I manipulate my throat a certain way (like trying to sneer on the right side) I feel some sort of pain It's kinda hard to spot - it's like a spot to the right of where the beginning of the throat is. For us anxious people, you know there might be some nodes there as well, but I did my best not to poke around - I had my PCP check last Friday and that Urgent Care doc check this past Sunday.

My entire jawline has been generally pretty sore and sensitive the past week and I'm guessing poking at the jawline (not the nodes) has made things a bit worse - just wondering if anyone else has this weird sensation. I've seen threads on here about it but nobody seems to come back after they have it checked out or have any idea what's causing it. I've seen it described as a "charley horse" on the neck but I don't know if that describes me - mine feels more like a form of muscle pain.

Any ideas?  I'm assuming it's just some muscles that are sore and possibly a TMJ/TMD I have to get looked at, but I was wondering if anyone is familiar with going through something like this.

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