Worried about Type 2 Diabetic Neuropathy

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So I'm quite overweight, 36 yrs old, male.  For the past 5-7 months I've been dealing with a constellation of weird symptoms.

Since February, burning when I pee and some incontinence (burning sensation when I get that incontinence).  Seen urologist about this and he did blood tests and urine samples that didn't show any kind of UTI or anything like that.  Since July, my eyes end up getting these weird spots if I go from dark to light or back.  You know how you get a camera flash?  Yeah those weird spots.  Burning nerve pain up the side of my forearms.  I *have* been playing mobile games a lot (usually for 30 minutes - 1 hr a day before I go to bed) and I started going pretty hard at it since October.

Weird numbness on just my right thumb and forefinger.  Feeling of warmth/nerve burning pain on left side of left calf - sometimes extends down to my feet.  Slightly less painful version of it on my right side leg as well.

Dr. Google told me my "peripheral neuropathy" might be due to diabetes (I'm overweight and have some comorbidities that I am managing).  Haven't had my blood sugar tested in awhile but my last test from 2019 May said my A1cg was fine.  I've been dealing with really bad lower back pain since April so I'm wondering if this is a spine issue - some sort of pinched nerve or something and if the pain/burning I'm feeling in my arms is due to overuse using my phone.

I'm going to MinuteClinic right now to get tested but I feel like a nervous wreck... please wish me luck.

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