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Girlfriend has PTSD

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My girlfriend has been taking an intensive treatment program for depression and diagnosed with PTSD. Her psychiatrist said this was probably the result of growing up with a psychologically unstable mother.
Her mother had a mental breakdown and was chronically unstable. She used to say that her mother was deeply caring, but also paranoid, irrational, and outbursts based on even the smallest provocation.
I used to associate PTSD with soldiers who have been traumatized by battle experiences. However, I hope the diagnosis of PTSD in her will shed some light on what she is struggling with, and how she could move forward.
So I'm trying to get a better understanding of what PTSD is, how it works, and the best PTSD treatments. Your experiences, thoughts and resources will be greatly appreciated.

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I hope she is feeling good now. PTSD is diagnosed due to a traumatic event/past and as you already mentioned, her childhood was spent while having to deal with a depressed mother. A child has to be close to her/his mother and it is essential for proper mental and emotional development. Please support her and send her this article to feel better soon 

The symptoms include:

1)Intensely feeling depressed or distress frequently

2) Having nausea, spinning head, vertigo and other symptoms during stressful event

3)Having scary, upsetting dreams and memories haunting

Take care. 

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