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Hello all!!

Firstly; I don't think I ever said who I was -- my name is Kay; I suffer from Generalized Anxiety Disorder, panic attacks, and as a child selective mutism); I also struggle with depression and physical health issues. Hello! Now that we got that out of the way.... 

@Gilly and I have been working hard for months on something that we have been waiting to share (but we feel you deserve the know) as people keep asking questions! 

You'll notice the site format looks a little bit different than normal and sub-forurms where changed around. This was on purpose. 

Gilly and I both have similar websites (AC and mine: a few threads that you can read if you would like to know a bit about my morals and my desires About Anxiety Space  , To all of those who think they can buy Anxiety Space, we say.. and Anxiety Space is now not-for-profit and ad-free!  --- with this mentality in mind, we have removed all ad's on AC and as I mentioned before in another post I have been solely funding the forum hosting cost. If you look around a lot of the posts are similar it's because a lot of cross posting happened (a lot of of members from Anxiety Zone are there). There are a lot of YOU there!!! 

Mid last year Gilly and I found each other and found our missions run aline we decided to merge the sites 😍 What does that mean? It means all content from both sites will be listed on one site, no content or usernames will be lost, on either sites!! It's going to be a growing support system!! We are going to make this as smooth as possible (and hopefully no downtime). 🤞

We plan on having a mobile app, updated chat room, and informational resources for all members to get support with their mental health. One of my biggest goals is to make our community reach out to as many people as possible (including making it multi language accessible). 

Gilly and I are just two non-profit driven people doing what is best for our anxiety communities. No money was ever exchanged between Gilly nor I and we are both working together to make this powerful and wonderful thing happen (along with my tech friend @AC Mike). We are doing this because we care about the people and want to see the site(s) live on ❤️.

Anxiety Space registration has been shut down so that we can focus on merging members without as many cross accounts as possible 🙂 

Before the site gets spiced up and goes live; we will give members a chance to demo it -- but we also want to ask you; what do you want to see from the site? What do you think would make AC (and or AS) a better place? Guideline changes? Features? What can we do to make this a better community for you. 

Thank you all for the endless support **hugs** 

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Thank you so much for the update and I believe it is a great merge and hopefully will bring many more  people who are seeking help .

Both sites have been very low in attendance for awhile..   I myself have stopped in both places.

Chatrooms needed with chat alert when someone enters.. would be really helpful .

Thanks so much !!

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Hi. Kay. You have bravely undertaken a difficult task. Both you and Gilly need support. Most of the old gang seem to have disappeared. It may not be realised by many how important a site such as this is. It's now virtually world wide. Anxiety is on the increase and that's a fact. Our lives are subjected to more stress than ever before, and I often wonder if we were ever made to cope  with such pressures. Anxiety is the inevitable outcome of prolonged stress. When I came on here, what is it 6 years ago, the site was a lot more vibrant than it has become of late. Now no one is to blame for that. It happens because so often old arrangements tend to outgrow their usefulness. Change is important because it can renew enthusiasm. 

You and Gilly are to be thanked for what you are doing. I for one really appreciate it.  Take care.  

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Thank you both for your replies! Yes, support and communities working together is needed 😊.

What would likely be helpful to get the site active again (something a member on anxiety space recently said) --- set a reminder on your phone to check-in on the site, even if it's just one time a day, and make one or two replies or a new thread. Even if the site seems slow at that moment. It takes many people to get things moving! 

We both thank you for your support 🙂 

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