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Total Eclipse

IMPORTANT: SEND US AN PM if you'd like a new thread posted in this forum

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This forum (Research Studies, Trials, and News)  will now be used for study postings only. You may post and discuss findings in the awareness forum.

We  would like to review the posts before they appear in this forum.

Just send me whatever you'd like to be posted and we'll get back to you. Thanks! 

Please include the following information:

- The title
- The description
- The name of the university/college/organization
- The full name and title of the primary researcher (or, if another person’s name, then an explanation of who they are and what their qualifications are)
- An email address and/or phone number
- Any criteria for where participants have to live to participate (especially if online)
- A URL with more information about the study (preferred, but not required)
-Proof that your study has passed an ethical review board. Please send us a copy of your approved consent form, approved methods, or something similar.

We will review the information submitted and contact you with your research listing or if we have additional questions.

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