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Hello everyone! 

We have had several members ask us to share the exact cost and upkeep of AC (as members were donating); and you rightfully should know that knowledge before donating. We want to log what resources we put in the site (and donations given by members) are being put to use to keep AC functioning. 🙂 And what exactly you are donating to! 

This is for transparency and so everyone is on the same page. This isn't a post begging for donations but us "opening our books".  And allowing members to donate if they wish. We did recently take ad's down due to security risks they can pose.

In the future we are also looking into adding custom apps and a better chatroom (with our personal funds we save + donations that aren't used) will go towards that and will be documented to the fullest. Also, if you only wish to donate to a part of the site (i.e license fee, server cost, upgraded app); please include that so we can respect your wishes.

Link to Invasion Power board start-up cost & renew fee's  -- (Note: We currently do not use Commerce of Downloads) 

Donate bar is on the right of the main page.  Please don't feel the need to donate thinking the site is going to go down... it isn't going anyplace. 🙂

EDIT: Keep scrolling down for new print screen costs and donations listed 🙂


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Updated information: New site costs (as it's monthly) + the added renewal fee for IPB (with print screen proof of price) 🙂

We also got a $25.00 donation (thank you 🙂



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Site update on costs etc. We also got $48 dollar donation in March and another $48 donation in April THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! This helped so much. ❤️  To avoid fee's please select the "friends & family" option and look over this ❤️❤️❤️ Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for helping keep this community running!! This was a really rough month ❤️ 




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