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Mole test

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Hi everybody, I am 44 yrs old, recently I visited my primary doc,  about mole in my chest, I am not sure if I have it before... And I have another one on right side of belly one on back but it's just 1, mm, I ve been referred to dermotolgist when she looked at the one on my upper chest by dermoscope, she checked size was 3 mm and she said its normal, but the one on my side was smaller but with brown and black color, she said for this one we need a biopsy... She said result take 2 weeks... I am freaked out, it's just 4  days and I can't eat or drink really scared to die of this skin disease.... I was scared and I asked her if there is away to get result earlier,  she said don't freak out I expect the result will be 75%  fine... But still worrying what about the 25 % it's still high percentage... Help so anxious and terrified... The problem is for more than a year I followed a healthy life style, no junk food, no sugar  alot of vegetables, 100%  healthy life.... Thanks for help 

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