Hello and thank you for this website; I am a health anxiety sufferer

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First, let me say thank you for the many members on this forum and their willingness to share information.  It has helped me stay "grounded" through my health anxiety struggles the last 6 months.

Brief history - Had an SVT (super fast heart beat) back in July18 that kicked off my first genuine panick attack and a series of stress related health issues (or so I believe).  Although the Dr. said that sometimes they just happen and my heart was fine (normal EKG) I freaked out about all the sensations in my chest I felt for many weeks following and looking back realize I have been in a constant state of high alert ever since.

Then camping with my family on Labor Day, I felt a vibration sensation going down my neck and internal tremors throughout my body.  They were mostly noticeable when I was at rest and varied in intensity.  In the middle of the night in my RV, good old Dr. Google made me 100% certain that I had MS and I had my second panic attack.  Completely ruined the rest of the weekend as I was paralyzed from fear.  A visit from my general practitioner the following Tuesday came the diagnosis of anxiety and the prescription of Zoloft.

I struggled with the tremors and getting a good nights rest for several months.  As the year ended, I actually started to calm down a little and decided to drop the Zoloft as I did not like the side effects.  Then came the terrible news that my Brother-In-Law had been diagnosed with ALS.  As I set up a Go Fund Me for him and learned of  the circumstances he would be facing, I felt my anxiety coming back on.  And low and behold, my tremors turned into muscle twitches, I noticed I seemed more clumsy and dropping things and my muscles seemed tired and fatigued all the time (even though I was capable of doing all the normal activities, yard work, cooking, cleaning, etc).

This led to multiple visits to multiple doctors (the first one had to be wrong, right?) all of whom stated it was anxiety.  In February, as my muscle twitches were still ongoing, a return trip to my new primary care gave me a referral to a neurologist.  She didn't know what was causing my twitches for certain (although she still believed anxiety) but wanted to give me peace of mind.  She also started me on Wellbutrin to help calm the nerves.  The neuro didn't have openings UNTIL MAY!!  Instead of peace of mind, now I had several months to worry about the appointment and what I was just certain was the true cause of my twitching. 

I also started seeing a counselor, who taught me coping techniques such as breathing and grounding.  She also told me to stay off google or to google twitches AND anxiety since anxiety was the only thing I had truly been diagnosed with.  That google search led me to countless YouTube videos along with this forum.  A place filled with people who shared my story, in many cases almost to the letter.

I got a call today that they had a cancellation and asked me to move my neuro appointment up to this Wednesday, 3/27.  Even though I am much better now thanks to medication, therapy and the stories on this forum, I am obviously still nervous that I will be that person that was misdiagnosed with anxiety instead of the very rare, terrible neurological disorder that so many people with health anxiety fear.   I mean, that's what anxiety does.  100 arrows pointing one way and we only pay attention to the one going the other.  I will know more on Wednesday but this forum has helped and will help to get me through until then.  Thanks to all that share and I hope I will soon be able to help as well as someone who overcame what was only a fear.


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My anxiety started after something as silly as sinus infection. It spiraled so out of control i felt paralyzed for weeks thinking i had every disease out there. I finally got it under control then muscle spasms hit. I get random muscle twitches all day. 

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