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  1. This is crazy. Ever since I was a kid I've done things similar to all of this. I remember doing this thing with my tongue when I was young where I had to touch my tongue to all 4 corners of the inside of my mouth in every possible combination of patterns. I've always sounded out words and counted syllables too. With me tho, it has to be in sets of 3, not 5. I also take it even further by sounding out each letter. Certain letters, such as vowels, I will put a ton of stress on them when sounding them out so that they actually make more than one sound. That way, I can make them fit into groups of 3. Think of how some people with certain accents will pronounce certain words or sounds with a lot of stress on them. For example, take the letter "A." When I put the stress on it, it actually has 3 different sounds that it makes when pronouncing it. Those 3 sounds are... A= sounds like, "aye" E= sounds like "ee" & Y= sounds like "yuh" All together, when you pronounce the letter A with stress on it, it sounds like, "aye-ee-yuh." I will literally take sentences and break them down not just in syllables, not just in letters, but in letters with all vowels stressed majorly like the example above including the letters "L, Y & W" and make them fit into groups of 3. Also since I go in 3's, I'll take a word that has 4 syllables and pronounce it in my head while forcing it to be 3 syllables by simply grouping 2 of the syllables together to make it 3 syllables. On top of that, I have to do that with every possible combination of patterns, while leaving the "best" combination (or option) for last. For example the word "pepperoni" has 4 syllables, "pe-ppe-ro-ni." However, in my head I will say, "pe-ppero-ni." Then I'll say, "pe-pper-oni." Then the last (best) option that I say is, "pepper-o-ni." The reason it's the best option is because "pepper" is already an actual word on its own so it just makes sense to me to group those syllables together to make one. Even tho it's technically not one syllable, when I say it fast enough in my head, it turns into one. For those of you that are still with me and read all of that and can understand it then I applaud you. Welcome to my brain.