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  1. Thank you all for welcoming to this site. I do think now that a new medication I went on in Sept may be causing my anxiety. I called my neurologist and he is trying a different kind of seizure medication. I am also increasing my celexa to 30mg a night. That actually seems to be helping a little.
  2. My name is Leslie, 54 years old. I am suffering from severe anxiety and sometimes downright panic. My Medical Conditions include a Mitochondrial Disorder (diagnosed in 1999), Collagenous Colitis (diagnosed by biopsy during a Colonoscopy in 8/2012), Epilepsy (diagnosed 9/2012 after 9 years of unexplained seizures), movement disorder, was told it was Restless Leg for years that affected my whole body, now also being told it may be a Tic Disorder. I take 18 different medications each day. I was told in Sept that I may have Huntingtons Disease, I guess I dodged that bullet when those tests came back negative! To get to my anxiety, it has been off and on for years but just started getting severe this past Sept. I had never had a problem being home alone while my husband would be at his 2nd shift job till Sept. Now I am stuck on the couch from the time he leaves till he gets home. If I have to leave the house to watch grandchildren, I start to feel panic knowing I will be having to come home to a dark empty house. I am to the point now that I don't know how much longer I can live like this. I try to meditate, not working. meds for anxiety are not working.