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  1. Hi! I have an ADHD question, maybe you guys can answer? I started taking adderall two or three days ago, I'm 21 and just realized that I am suffering from ADHD. The only thing is, I've been pretty high functioning my entire life and have always done fairly well in school (thus me not knowing for so long). I have the inattentive kind, so I tend to just zone out. I have always taken great notes, but simply cannot force myself to sit down and study them, and I get overwhelmed and shut down if I don't understand whats happening in class. I am also forgetful, disorganized, and have basically no attention to detail. I've been trying to check in with myself and see how everything working, or if the adderall is helping me at all, but I'm just not sure! I take 10mg 2x per day. I feel like I have had relatively "good focusing days" since, but I guess I expected a drastic change. What was your initial reaction to taking your meds, if you are on them? Do I need to up my dosage? Does it take awhile to notice differences in your behavior? Am I just really thinking about this too much?