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  1. I'm gonna be open with this coz I'm pretty young(I turned 13 a few months ago) and I think I'm anorexic, I don't have this confirmed but I think I am. I'm gonna tell my whole story coz I need to get this shit of my chest. It all started back in August of 2018. My boyfriend at the time (let's call him dick coz that's still a name) broke up with me. He never gave me a specific reason it was all like 'its for the best' or 'i just want to be friends' and they aren't really reasons. So my mind came up with its own like 'your not popular enough' as he was pretty popular 'your too nerdy' as I liked a lot geeky stuff (still do) and one of the ones that stood out most for me was 'your so overweight!' this came up coz he started dating another girl who was stick thin. So I started trying to do better, and like I said I was 12 at the time and I couldn't exactly hit the gym so I resulted to not eating (bearing in mind I had never heard of anorexia before so I had no idea what I was getting into). Soon enough it became all I could think about, what I ate, when I ate, how many grams of fat?, every little detail mattered! I remember one specific day when I was out with my two friends and I was hungry and I hadn't eaten anything all day so ilet myself eat. I picked up a chocolate bar and I started reading the labels for it. One of friends picked up on this and asked what I was doing, this really scared me so I just said "I was just reading the label to see what was in it coz I find that stuff interesting" he gave me a respectful nod and wnlent to pay for his stuff. My daily eating schedule was no breakfast, small things for lunch, a normal dinner coz I didn't want anyone to worry. I never told anyone. Those two friends now know why I was checking that chocolate bar, and I can't express how thankful I am for them as they completely understand me. If anyone else is struggling right now, just talk to someone, doesn't matter if it's through text or in person, even if you don't tell the full story just drop little hints throughout and eventually they'll get it.