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  1. She stated she was wiping to the point of making herself raw. Hence the blood. I was giving reinsurance if that is the case that someone that young with no symptoms likely doesn’t have cancer or need a colonoscopy.
  2. Are you on your period or do you feel like it's going to start? Sometimes with PCOS (I have it); we don't know when it's going to start.... give it a couple weeks and if it's still there talk to an OBGYN!
  3. First see if you were denied. Call social security and see if it was denied, tell them (when you know); if you are moving; and the address, so they can contact you, establish care, as soon as you can (if there is ObamaCare) and keep seeing a therapist to gain more documentation. I don't know if you have to be in the same state to get an appeal, but I'm pretty sure those things can be transferred really easily.
  4. If you are a 38 year old female you don't need a colonoscopy! Give it a few days and the fear will go down. Have you had cancer before for this fear to be rational?
  5. It was a duplicate thread others posted on the thread here
  6. Having cancer myself, it's always scary seeing signs of old things pop up that could relate to what you were having when things were bad before. Give it a couple weeks, a bug was going around, and if it hasn't cleared up, maybe call in with your doctor with the symptoms and see if it needs a follow up.
  7. My generalize anxiety and panic leads to dizziness at times! Your breathing becomes so out of the sync that you get dizzy until you calm down. It’s not a good feeling!
  8. That's great its going away. Keep hydrated!
  9. Why not just request your username be changed? 🙂
  10. Did the pain finally go away? Sounds like you had a nasty sinus cold!
  11. @Wingnut It's been a few days. Have you started the medicine? How are you feeling?
  12. How are you feeling today @unicorn ?
  13. This forum (Research Studies, Trials, and News) will now be used for study postings only. You may post and discuss findings in the awareness forum. We would like to review the posts before they appear in this forum. Just send me whatever you'd like to be posted and we'll get back to you. Thanks! Please include the following information: - The title - The description - The name of the university/college/organization - The full name and title of the primary researcher (or, if another person’s name, then an explanation of who they are and what their qualifications are) - An email address and/or phone number - Any criteria for where participants have to live to participate (especially if online) - A URL with more information about the study (preferred, but not required) -Proof that your study has passed an ethical review board. Please send us a copy of your approved consent form, approved methods, or something similar. We will review the information submitted and contact you with your research listing or if we have additional questions.
  14. In the meantime call the restaurant and ask them what their common ingredients or seasoning is in the chicken, if it's fried, what other things are fried in that frier. This will be all good information for the allergiest to know.
  15. Please keep us updated on your little boy! I'm sure he's going to be OK no matter what his body is rejecting!!!! In clinic they'll test the skin test, if that comes back negative, they'll then have him come in, with the food, and slowly eat it and in a 2 hour time see if he reacts. If he reacts they have shots, and a ton of other things there, so if anything were to go wrong (ie throat closing reaction); they could stop it fast. The poke test isn't always right. That is why they have an oral challenge test.
  16. I'm headed to my every 2 month oncology appt to see how things are going. I am not fearful something new is found. I am fearful, in general. Anxious. Wanting it over with. I don't leave for another couple hours.... but I don't know what to do with myself with worry.
  17. I am envious too. I also take medicine for my epilepsy, and other conditions I have. But I also know the stigma on medicine needs to go away. It's ok for us to take medicine, especially under doctors orders. 🙂
  18. People are scared of Benzo's but my doctors have assured me daily low dosage even long term is ok because it improves quality of life. As long as I'm taking it as the doctors are telling me to and not over-taking it and communicating with them how it's making me feel, which have all been positive (better sleep, less migraines, neck pain, less anxiety, nausea, able to do simple tasks anxiety prevented me from); they see it as a huge net positive. I couldn't stop peeing from a bladder flair (of a physical health condition I have); and it even stops me from people 2-3 times an hour. I'm not thrilled about taking them and had a friend talk me through on the phone today and took them with them on the phone, but now that they've kicked in, my sense of logic came clear.
  19. I get this and drinking peppermint tea before and after meals helps a ton!
  20. Exactly! The chicken could be friend in a shared frier too. For example fish and shellfish. All these cross contamination can cause reactions. It's just figuring out what allergy he developed to keep him safe!
  21. Please ask the doctor if this is advisable! Given the reactions are getting worse they don't recommend people test reactions at home. They typically do this in clinic so they can get medical help if the reaction is too far to handle.