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  1. Welcome back!! Have you tried gargling with salt water? Sometimes stones get develop and get stuck there.
  2. Being put off a couple months isn't a horrible thing. You'll likely safer. 🙂
  3. Instead of making posts asking people to PM you (which sounds like a “life coach” trying to get money out of people) comment and reply on threads. Posts things that have helped you. Etc
  4. It’s a bit personal to get into but the symptoms you are listing aren’t what I had. How did the appointment go?
  5. Please be mindful of people taking advantage of us during difficult times. This member could clearly post his non promoting tips in the main forum. For member safety please be mindful of giving your phone number / personal info away!!!
  6. It looks like heat rash (I’m actually a early inflammatory breast cancer survivor). However I would ring your obgyn 24/7 doc because they could give you cream for it or double check it, if you see it get slightly worse. Give it a couple days to go away 🙂
  7. Welcome to the site *hugs* I hope you feel better soon ❤️
  8. Kidney stones are SO PAINFUL and cause blood in urine, it sounds like it's passed. It makes everything hurt!
  9. I'm glad you saw a doctor to make sure everything was ok. Hopefully you take ease in that!
  10. It would be worth talking to your doctor about. I haven't tried it personally.
  11. Site update on costs etc. We also got $48 dollar donation in March and another $48 donation in April THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! This helped so much. ❤️ To avoid fee's please select the "friends & family" option and look over this ❤️❤️❤️ Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for helping keep this community running!! This was a really rough month ❤️
  12. I take a tab in AM and PM, it’s greatly helping my sezuires and anxiety.
  13. Oh no! I'm sorry your struggling so badly. You will not get sepsis or some other disease. It sounds like you hit a nerve in your toe. Try to soak it in hot bath water so if there is any splinter in it that it'll soak to the top and rise out.
  14. ALS forums had a lot of health anxiety people come to their site. And they are struggling too. It would be best to stay off forums for people that have chronic conditions unless your dx'ed because it can be a really sensitive topic for the people actually having the illness. Foot pains, calf pains, GI, spasms, etc... don't sound like ASL anyways. It'll be good to work up and see if it's anxiety though (anxiety -can- be the cause of these issues).