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  1. She had a low grade fever (ear is always warmer than oral); and low grades can be brought on by stress. If it normalized after that. Seems she's OK.
  2. Did you soak your beans first? I typically soak/ rinse them for a couple hours (or use a pressure cooker). Drink lots of tea and fluids it’ll pass. Your body is deffo telling you something! Also I’ve been vegan for 5 years 🙂
  3. I'm sorry to hear you've been feeling so cruddy. Anxiety can cause a lot of muscle tension and inflammation. PT is really good to help re-train the muscles. Keep working with PT and hopefully you feel less pain! For me, I have other health issues and PT has been amazing.
  4. Do you do your yearly breast checkups?
  5. 💜 Hello everyone, Happy Holidays, and Happy New Year's Eve! 💜 We had a total of $52.80 in donations since August of this year (and it's helped a TON) especially with COVID; and so thank you to the donors. We really honestly appreciate them! The past year have been a struggle for a lot of us and so each donation has helped. In February we have our regular host fee + IPS renewal coming up as well. I am attaching our bills we paid. 😊 Anxiety Space (the site we're merging with) also has a store if anyone is interested! But of course no obligations! But all we can say is we really appreciate the donations.
  6. Thanks for the post, but please be mindful of the guidelines of this section:
  7. Hello everyone! I'm moving the health anxiety section to the bottom of the anxiety disorder sections (so that people aren't as triggered by it). Let me know what you guys think! It can always be moved back 🙂 Later on we plan on having the ability to have user controlled block sections that can be triggering for others (i.e HA, Body Dysmorphic, Grief & Support section, General Health, Relationship, Debates, and later on an 18+ section the last would be an opt-in with certain criteria). We hope adding these features will allow members to block content that triggers their health but still make this a supportive place for everyone! Thank you!
  8. Right. Again, no one knows David’s past medical plan, all his DX and why his doctor felt benzodiazepines in this stage of his treatment was the best. We also don’t know how he reacts to anti-depression medicine. I don’t get the whole benzo withdrawal. I can miss several dosages without feeling it. I only start to go back on when my epileptic auras get worse. I had a script of 15 tablets of Ativan for anxiety that lasted me 3 years 🤷🏻‍♀️.
  9. Sorry for the downtime, the domain name expired! And we didn’t notice! 😱
  10. We don’t know if this is short term usage, mid term, or long term. We also don’t know why his doctor chose a long acting benzo over other meds or all of David’s health history. Personally, I don’t have HA, but am on .25mg in AM and .75mg in PM. I need this to manage my epilepsy (among other health issues); and so the benifits out way the risks.
  11. I have to be calmed down from anxiety and then hugged. If I'm too worked up, a hug will cause me more anxiety. But once it's lowered a hug from a few selective people really help comfort me and even further lowers my anxiety.
  12. How did the appointment go? They have tests for POTS that will show if you do/ don't have it.