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  1. What is your anxiety attack over? The amount of stress you're in? The virus crap? Etc?
  2. Amazon is still selling some thermometers. Hope you feel better soon!
  3. I just want to thank you for being a nurse and helping everyone.... add on being a mother?? You are a super hero!
  4. Good luck and keep talking to us. Things are going to be ok. Ask them if you can take your anxiety medicine. They may want to see how it spikes and how the Benzos calm your heart.
  5. Updated information: New site costs (as it's monthly) + the added renewal fee for IPB (with print screen proof of price) 🙂 We also got a $25.00 donation (thank you 🙂 )
  6. I wouldn't take any medicine before you go in, they do an EEG in most cardio officers. Your taking a lot of the right steps to be healthy! Let the heart doctor hear you out and listen to what he has to say. 🙂 If it helps to write out what your going to say prior to going, make sure you do that.
  7. Pregnancy might be playing a role into things! Just mention it next time you see your OBGYN. Could just be a swollen and that happens when you're sick! Pregnancy is a lot to take on the body. If doctors aren't too concerned don't be either ❤️ Also CONGRATS!!! And keep us updated!
  8. It seems like all is being addressed and time will tell the outcome 🙂
  9. Scratching when it's hot out or in the shower can cause this.
  10. Did you drink some water before you went to bed? It could be dehydration.
  11. I just want to give you a *hugs* and let you know that you do have worth ❤️
  12. Is there anyway of getting your old job by talking to the manager? Sorry the new job is so stressful 😞