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  1. It's a hard wait. And I know each check up to make sure it hasn't come back is going to be scary. We are here for you. Know that you have to keep moving forward. Where they able to remove all the cancer?
  2. I have not, hopefully someone here has and has a peer review take on it!
  3. How are you feeling? I'm so sorry you got the C dx, please keep us updated. There are people here who have gone through cancer and still in treatment. The trauma from having cancer is real. We are here for you!
  4. It's possible you passed some kidney stones?
  5. Yes, this is where you write your peer reviews - we are just posting resources that may help with anxiety and want input from others!
  6. We will be working on some updates this weekend 🙂
  7. I've been given Ketamine for pain relief at hospital setting. It was not for depression. I did have long term anxiety spike and did not feel well after. If you try it, please have a support system around you!
  8. I like to take baths and meditate. I learned that self care can be really helpful. Sometimes a cup of tea can bring an edge off too.
  9. Please listen to your doctor over random internet advise in regards to medicine. It’s good to get peoples experiences - but don’t go off them based off posts.
  10. Didn't ask about MRI. What does your doctor think about your anxiety over your medicine? If your doctor thought a test was needed he would run it through insurance.
  11. Have you reached out to services in your area? Where do you live?