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  1. That's quite ok, just breathe and let the doctors talk. Don't assume they are going to think the worst of you. Because they are there to help.
  2. I wouldn't mention cancer in your primary care visit and hyper focus on that. It could be a lot of other things other than cancer. Maybe to her it looked like an injury, and she was trying to calm you? Jumping it to thinking they think you have munchausen syndrome is a bit extreme.
  3. Wait and see what the doctor says. It's going to be OK!
  4. A therapist isn't a MD and likely wouldn't know what it is. A cigarette having some ash flickered can cause some burn or even oil frying something in a pain. She could of thought it was a heat blister. Which is why she asked. She likely was not meaning you were purposely doing these things to yourself.
  5. Anxiety can cause tingling. Was your face hot and sweaty when you felt the tingling? Was your heart racing? I'd bring it up to your doctor in passing, there are a couple types of migraines that can cause these symptoms.
  6. @Zazz have you setup an doctor appt yet? Just go in there and explain this appeared. If it hurts tell them, if it itches, tell them, if you feel nothing from it, tell them that. But that you are concerned because of the coloration of it. Doctor: What brings you in today? You: Hi, I have a sore that developed (or mole if it prior a mole?) and is discolored; I'm not sure if it's infection or what it is, but it's developing worse overtime (and state how many days it developed). Thats all you have to say.
  7. It’s 5am and I can’t sleep due to random generalized anxiety. My mind is racing, but nothing is stopping it. Meditating πŸ§˜β€β™€οΈ Is helping a little but I feel nauseated from not being able to sleep.
  8. This is really good. Yes, eat more, and more fluids!! You got this. πŸ™‚
  9. Very good point! A lot of people will freak out over health >_<
  10. ^ @Lucid Don't forget the cat offering picture! kitties vs roomba (roomba looses)
  11. I know @Gilly has a lot going on right now, and so I wanted to send her extra hugs. Please send her some cat gifs in this thread πŸ™‚