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  1. It seems like all is being addressed and time will tell the outcome 🙂
  2. Scratching when it's hot out or in the shower can cause this.
  3. Did you drink some water before you went to bed? It could be dehydration.
  4. I just want to give you a *hugs* and let you know that you do have worth ❤️
  5. Is there anyway of getting your old job by talking to the manager? Sorry the new job is so stressful 😞
  6. PCOS is deffo not a death sentence. It's a hormone issue and it can be managed! There are also a lot of supplements out there that are OTC you can talk to your doctor about that can help aid to healthier balance.
  7. If your not getting the results you need with this doctor you may have to see another. There is so many different treatment plans for PCOS. The diet is very important and I don't know why they haven't explained that part to you!
  8. What medicine and dietary changes have you taken for your PCOS other than BC? I take cinnamon capsules daily, sperlactone, and follow a PCOS diet.
  9. It sounds like he just hit a tense spot. With all the stress your under your body could be feeling more sensitive. Tell the jerk to cuddle you, not hit you 🙂
  10. In my experience it lowers my blood pressure and heart rate. Where you anxious about taking the medicine?
  11. All tests being negative is a good thing *hugs*
  12. Tell #anxiety and #depression to go away. You are loved ❤️