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  1. I have to be calmed down from anxiety and then hugged. If I'm too worked up, a hug will cause me more anxiety. But once it's lowered a hug from a few selective people really help comfort me and even further lowers my anxiety.
  2. How did the appointment go? They have tests for POTS that will show if you do/ don't have it.
  3. When my brother died, by car wreck (I too felt at fault); and took therapy and 7 years to work through it. It does get better. Before the wreck I had social anxiety and depression, after I gained ptsd and agoraphobia.
  4. I'd talk to your doctor about dosage/ adding something on to it! If it's helping somewhat make a difference than that's a huge start. Deffo being in regular therapy is gong to be a big thing too.
  5. Very cool! Has creating these videos helped your anxiety? It's deffo a creative outlook. Thank you for sharing them with us.
  6. I'm glad you talk to your therapist. I too suffer from PTSD and take medicine. What medicine do you take for anxiety? Please keep talking to us here! We care!!
  7. Aww, welcome to the site. What is your anxiety currently about? xx
  8. The medicine didn't even have enough to build in your system let alone make you sick for this long. Have you consulted a doctor?
  9. I don't think the 1 lexapro was the reason you are sick for the past 3 weeks. When you say sick, how are you feeling?
  10. I have been having this @Tman what helps me is taking a soothing bath in the morning.
  11. Where was you all week? I hope the rain helps soothe you and that you don't loose power!