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  1. Welcome! My daughter was on paxil, and found it made her anxiety worse. She was switched to Prozac and has done wonderfully. However, she has been without it before for a few days, unbeknownst to me! - and her side effects of withdrawal were horrendous. She could hardly function, she cried and cried, her mood was poor - much like the worst PMS you can imagine, doubled with anxiety and depression. After about a day and a half back on the prozac, she was fine, and learned her lesson as well. It takes time. Be patient with yourself. I have learned that a lot of my anxiety is brought on by my doubting that I can cope with something, often something unknown. If that's the case, empower yourself by reminding yourself that you learned a lesson, it's going to be over soon, and you are coping WONDERFULLY!! Look at how well you are surviving through this! You ARE handling it!
  2. Hello Keep coming back to check in. Read, comment, interact. We are all here for similar reasons, and we understand in one way or another what you must be feeling. That's why we are here. Please keep in touch and let us know how you are doing; we all care.
  3. I have had bouts of itchy, red skin several times - all associated with anxiety! It's as normal as it can be under the circumstances. Our bodies are amazing machines, and react to stress and anxiety in ways we do not understand. It helped me a lot to track my anxiety spikes with my itchy outbreaks, and sure enough - BINGO. Understanding how the brain reacts to stress, the chemicals it releases under pressure from our flight or flight instinct - this helped me so much. I find that the more facts I learn about how my body is responding biologically, the more relaxed I become about what my body is doing. Best wishes! You got this!!
  4. I have noticed with most anxiety issues - not all, but most - if I can distract my thinking, I feel better. It takes time to learn, but it's usually the focusing on the negative thought that breeds the ongoing worry and negativity. I have had to learn to give myself permission to think about other things.
  5. I believe that a lot of anxiety is brought on by ourselseves, our own thought patterns, and that we are more capable and powerful than we believe; that being said, I also believe in the type of anxiety that is caused by chemicals that are out of whack in our brains. So, I believe there are two general kinds of anxiety. Anyway, the antibiotic issue falls into the taking-abnormal-things-into-my-body point of view. I have never been one to enjoy the effects of taking chemicals into my body, in the form of illicit drugs or prescription ones. I am not ANTI-meds, I just believe they are and have been over-used. I am not sure why I am suddenly having this issue with the antibiotics, but it definitely DOES spike my fear and "what-ifs" every time I am faced with taking them! It's nice to know I am not alone.
  6. Most recently I had to take erythromycin for a tooth infection, and ended up in the ER with the worst abdominal pain I have ever had, topped off with a panic attack. The side-effects aren't in my head, but the anxiety caused by them is horrible, and is causing me to worry now about "what if" I get sick and need them? I tell ya, it's just a crazy cycle. lol At least having a sense of humor about it and allowing my logical self to talk over my anxious self is helping!
  7. I have had heart palpitations periodically since my second pregnancy, at age 35. I was hooked up to a monitor for a week...nothing irregular showed. Since entering the beginning of menopause, I have experienced it intermittently, as well, and have learned that it's not abnormal for it to occur. When my stress and/or anxiety is heightened, I have experienced them dramatically. I believe in an overall healthy individual, it is just our body's way of telling us to pay attention to it and slow down, whether mentally, physically, or emotionally. My sister has severe, sometimes paralyzing, anxiety issues. She uses meditation and mindfulness with great success. She even sent me some musical links she uses specifically to calm herself and re-center. The difference it has made in her is amazing. Best of wishes!
  8. Right?!?! I get nervous when I have to take anything! Then I start freaking myself out, observing every little change and feeling in my body, asking myself what is normal and what is my crazy brain! I hate it! Mine is associated with prescription meds, though, so now I have an anxiety about getting sick in general, also... ugh...
  9. It has been rough, for sure, but she's doing well, given the situation. I am aware that it could be so much worse. COunseling has definitely helped her, although she doesn't like to talk much when she's there. I still see a difference.
  10. Stress Stress Stress! Anxiety is related to the notion that we are not capable of coping with something, the known or unknown. Sounds to me like you were able to get a grip on the issues you are facing and believe you can tackle them! Belief in yourself and belief that you ARE capable of handling something both help to alleviate the anxiety. It's nice to see you up!!!!
  11. So about a year ago, I was given cipro for a UTI. I've had cipro before, but now I am in the throws of peri-menopause and my body just hates me sometimes, I swear... Anyway, this last time I took cipro, my heart raced, my anxiety shot THROUGH THE ROOF, i sat and CRIED all day, for 2 days straight, fighting anxiety attacks, paralyzed. I have mild anxiety/worry issues, but for me, this was above and beyond and not "my" normal. Finally thought maybe I should look up weird side-effects for the antibiotic - and don't you know, what I was experiencing was there, to a T! Immediately stopped the cipro, called my doctor, got another antibiotic, and felt better within 24 hours. Now - I freak out at the mere thought of taking medications. Like, any medications. Right after, it was so bad that I had attacks taking ibuprofen. I can take simple otc stuff now, but the thought still crosses my mind, and I still deal with anxiety. Forget Rx drugs, though...the mere thought makes me wanna throw up. I wonder what's in my head and what's a real reaction, you know? Anybody else relate to what I am experiencing?
  12. I believe I can relate to some of what you are experiencing...over the last 2 years, I have lost SEVERAL people close to me, my age (43) and younger, to accidents, health, surprise deaths...I have realized that my mind is 20 but my body is not, time is passing, all the things I have not done that I dreamed of doing, the accomplishments, time is precious and is running out...Some days I am very anxious over the realization that my days will end...other days I am grateful I am here, and focus on the NOW. I have a 15 year old and an 8 year old. My ex is an addict. Our lives have been hell, but I decided I wanted to LIVE. I decided, made the choice - and it was a choice, not easy because it required change and stepping outside of my comfort zone - i decided that i was going to start doing and saying the things that mattered to me. If my days end anyway, and I have no idea when, why not LIVE now? I went back to school. Told the man I loved that I loved him (he didn't know), stopped being fearful of trying new things. My days will end, but while I am here, i DO have SOME control over how I will spend them. I am not anti-med, but I am not pro-med, either. I chose not to use medication but did see a counselor sporadically. I was diagnosed with OCD at 25, so I have been through cognitive-behavioral techniques, and they helped immensely. You are not a failure! You sound depressed, and as if you are going through some tough realizations and personal questions in your life. Do what you need to do, and know that you are not alone!
  13. Thank you for your response! It is very frustrating, and I feel very helpless... I am not seeing a counselor personally, but do talk to hers once in awhile, and that helps immensely. I rely on ,y faith and the faith of close friends and family. It's niceto know we are not alone, although I wish it weren't so....
  14. My 15 year old was diagnosed with PTSD after a series of personal traumas over the course of 3 years (divorce, her father's relapse into heavy drug addiction, being molested by her step-father, to name a few). Most of the time she functions fine, she has been healing with counseling and medication, but sometimes her anxiety is so bad hat it's almost paralyzing...and it frustrates me that I can't make it go away or make it better for her. Can anybody offer me words of wisdom or help me to not feel so alone?
  15. I suppose I should add that I was officially diagnosed OCD when I was 25, and am now 43. I knew much sooner that I had OCD, although the anxiety spiked in my later years.