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  1. I've been experiencing signs of depression and anxiety the past month. I had a panic attack a few days ago, and I'm afraid of having another one. I want to get help, but I'm too afraid to. If I go to my parents, my dad thinks i'm just overreacting. I've told my dad I hate my life, but he got angry and said I had everything, a roof, clothes, and an education and I shouldn't have to worry about it. He started bringing up that people had nothing and it made me feel ashamed on how my behavior was. I have a guidance counselor in school , and shes's very nice. I would love to spend my whole day in her office, but I can't. I've been to guidance before and I feel secure and safe there. They take things seriously, their not like my dad who would just say I'm overreacting. Only problem with telling guidance is, they will report it to my parents, and my dad will act up like he normally does. My friends have been their for everything, we've been through some tough stuff and I feel comfortable talking to them the most. We all share secrets together and solve conflicts, but I'm really concerned about is there gonna report it to guidance before I even get a chance.