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  1. Thank you and me too! I really wish these medical sites would be taken away and people would have to use a book to look things up, I am guessing we wouldn't do that journey to the library as often as we check Google.
  2. Hello All I just wanted to update on a rash that I wrote about on 20 March. This issue had been going on a few weeks when I wrote. I especially want women to know about this. I was referred by my GP for a Ultrasound on both breasts which came back clear. I was then referred to a Breast Surgeon who at the time was out of town but is the best in town so I waited. I saw her last week and she was a little concerned but said that Psoriasis/eczema can sometimes be what is called Pagets. She was so good to me and assured me my presentation does not look like this at all. She sent me off to the Dermatologist who did all the testing procedures and said you do not have pagets this is clearly Psoriasis. I am now on light therapy to help it resolve. I do have it in many places all over my body. The BS also sent me for a diagnostic mammogram which was to measure any changes in skin etc etc. This came back clear. I have been a recluse these last few weeks, I have been scared beyond words, I have been planning my own treatment i.e. what I would want doing should the outcome be bad. This has been one of the worst times of my life. This was self-inflicted worry. I read Google and Google diagnosed me. No matter how much I tried I couldn't shake it. What I want to say is ..yes be vigilant, yes always get things checked out but I beg please don't google. My plan now is to never EVER Google anything again. Go to the doctor, let them do their stuff. I even read about people being do we know these people aren't trolls...out for attention? We don't! Their story isn't your story. I have wasted so many weeks/months on this and I don't plan to waste another minute of my precious life on such things. Yes I have HA and yes I am addressing this but having put all this into perspective what have I gained....months of endless worry, being so frightened I couldn't sleep, not wanting to wake up because I can't face the day. I am going to do my damndest to enjoy my life, be a good wife and mother and only get advice from a qualified doctor should the need arise. I feel maybe I needed these last three months to bring me to my senses, I pray it has. Go to your docs for any checks, I am banning Google medical sites on my well everyone and thanks for all your advise in the past thread.
  3. Thanks guys...still so very scared about this...trying not to google it is so hard. She knows I am an anxious person and has helped me heaps with my anxiety but I am still thinking she not telling me as it is because she doesn't want me anxious. I have a feeling I won't settle until I have had further testing and then I will be even worse...grr to be normal...
  4. Thanks Leah really appreciate a would be a dermatologist I guess if I was to see someone or a breast person...I don't know really. The cream isn't working that great but is helping a little. I do feel like getting another opinion but I think that is my anxious mind overthinking. I have made an appointment to go back next week so I will just have to be patient and wait till then as I can't keep running to her every other few days. Thank you again for your message.
  5. Bite the bullet and go to your Doc and insist they do some checks on you. It is really scary going and waiting but at least it will put your mind at rest. I think your symptoms are anxiety, I hear you but and it is a tiny but if there was a problem better to get anything sorted sooner. I would imagine anything that has been going on for this amount of time wold have gotten worse by now in any case. Good luck!
  6. Hi everyone, I suffer psoriasis all over my body and have flare ups. Lately I have gotten it on my breasts. I had my yearly check with the doc and all bloods etc are all good. I had mammo 10 months ago and all good and CT of the rest of my body a few weeks back due to a fall and all good. I have visited my doc twice about the pain I am having with the psoriasis and she has given me cream. I am freaking out about pagets (sp) and inflammatory cancer. She said I have none of these things and what I have doesn't look anything like these things and not to worry. Aside from being a GP she is also a pallaitive care doctor so assume she knows her stuff. She examined me again feeling for any issues (twice now) but I can't get it out of my head that she is misdiagnosing me. Why can't I trust her, she has never let me down before but I am thinking there is always that one time...I daren't google because I just daren' head is spinning with the what ifs ......
  7. I just had terrible cramping too and had it checked out but mine was stomach flu...hope you feel better soon.
  8. I didn't find it calming as I had just fallen and been on a hard board for 3 hours before they scanned me.....busy ER. I was in a lot of pain all over....I am seeing Chiro in a couple of weeks so hopefully, I will get some relief. I thank you all from the bottom of my heart for your reassurances that have made me feel better.
  9. Does anyone else have an opinion in general on CT scans? Thanks...just a little anxious to say the least.
  10. Thank you for reply lugrad91. Yes, I have had neck problems for quite a few years but never had any official diagnosis re the discs just an opinion on what my doctor thought. I take it they would have seen anything sinister going on ? They noted Osteophytes and disc bulges.
  11. Hi All I am ruminating here a bit. I had neck pain at the back for quite some months and been having physio. With HA I have been thinking the worst of course. To cut a long story short I fell down 10 stairs last Wed and they did a neck head and chest CT scan to check for broken bones etc. Thankfully nothing was broken but I do have a lot of bulging discs in the neck that are causing mild stenosis. Would they have seen any tumors in the neck etc with the scans? My HA is really high at the minute. Sorry to ask but just thought someone may know how CTs work more than I do. Thank you
  12. Thank you Bin, much appreciated that you took the time to reply to me, thanks again Thanks Leah, maybe I will just try to get on with life for a little while and try ut it out of my mind, seems this is not that unusual, hate that anxiety sent me to Leukemia
  13. Thanks Leah, did they say why or any thoughts on why?
  14. Thank you both. I feel sick to the stomach with worrying about this. Feel a little reassured with your replies. Thanks again
  15. Hi All Been doing so very well lately until this week. Went to docs with pains in knees and turns out I have arthritis after an xray. I can cope with that but they also ran bloods and I am borderline Hypothyroidism and what has freaked me the most is low white blood count (3.7) should be 4 or above. My Doc said she isn't concerned and that maybe I have had or having something viral. I am so scared because of course I googled thinking I could cope with anything is said as I was feeling strong but wham I have now diagnosed myself with a bone marrow problem. Looking back at my portal my white cell has never been low before at least in the last 5 years so now I am really really worried. I don't want to go back to her after just a few days (I went for results Thu) She obviously knows my background with anxiety. Feel so alone and frightened and just want to run to the ER but what can they do sigh.......
  16. Maddy

    Freaking Out

    I understand were you are coming from. I felt like this over the weekend. I sometimes forget if I have taken tablet so bought a pill box with days on it to see if it was gone out of the box. HA does make me not want to get up and face the world. I went to a friends house and felt so detached. Maybe you could go and see your doctor and tell them your thoughts? they may be able to make some suggestions? or maybe change your meds for you. Good luck Wingnut.
  17. Hi ladies, thanks so much for the replies, I really appreciate it. I felt very alone with it but feel better knowing others go through similar. Yes she did suggest because I am due one anyway and I could have left it till my due date but HA panicked me into going to the it does most of us and to be honest I will be glad when I get it done to confirm whatever....thanks again
  18. Hi All As the title says that has been me the last few days or so. I have some health issues that I am very frightened about. This time it is BC. I know there are people on here going through BC or gone through it and feel guilty writing about my scare because not yet confirmed until I get checked out. Been having right side Breast pain and dry skin on Breast. Went last week to doc and she is always straightforward and said she doesn't think it is anything that I am thinking but as I am due Mammo lets get a diagnostic one done instead!! Freaked out!!! I have it all planned out am convinced I have this. I am seeing myself having an operation and chemo and everything else. Feeling sorry for my family as all our lives will change, feel it isn't always our anxiety and this could be so real, slept till lunch these last couple of days as I don't want to get up and think about the coming week of tests, son is getting married and fear I won't be able to go to the wedding, I know all these fears are a lot of anxiety but still it feels that this time this is really something I am going to face. Sorry to go on but any words from another worrier would maybe help me. Thanks