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  1. This is an old thread but I just wanted to ask,the burning skin sensation, I have what I have described as an icyhot/tingling across my chest and other places, the chest area being the most annoying, would you guys say your burning skin sounds like the icyhot/tingling thing ??
  2. Mike, it is crazy for sure, with the Gastritis, or what she thinks it is anyway,I can be fine for a day or two, then the squeezing, tingling and pain hit, yesterday, last night and this morning have been bad, the tinglying seems to come from that, I am on protonix, the second type of ppi in 6 weeks, and then of course fears start of what it could bem both parents died from c****r, so that thought is always there also. I'm just tired of it all..
  3. As Far as the tinglying? She does not know, thinking it may be Anxiety or hormone related, I am 55 and one year post meno, I have had Anxiety since I was a kid, IBS, and being treated for Gastritis so the tinglying may have started from that.
  4. I am still waiting for an appointment with the Rhuemotologist, by the time they call I wont need to see him! I am starting Zoloft, low dose and moving up slowing as I feel comfortable, ( I have a fear of meds and what they will do to me) but hoping it will be of some help in a good way..Hang in there my Dr has been saying for 6 weeks! Stay In Touch!!
  5. I too have been dealing with tingling, it all started right in the middle of my chest and moved across the whole chest, arms,back,shoulders, It feels like Icy Hot Or Ben gay has been rubbed into my skin! Along with this, I Have squeezing and pinching sensations, Dr is treating me for Gastritis for those symptoms, the tingling..No Idea, but it is annnoying and scarey, I am suppose to see a Rhuemotologist to rule out Fibromyalgia and or Neuro stuff, I am so fed up, I asked for low dose Zoloft to see if I can get some relief from the Full blown anxiety, I am not a med person and have a fear of them so hoping for the best, please keep us posted if you get an answer and I will do the same
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    Thank You Joy! I did feel better visiting, I will check back in Monday...
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    As the title states, I am a newbie! not even sure where to start but my main issue ( there are a few!) is Icy hot type tingling in the middle of the chest that spreads across to the shoulders, sometimes I will have squeezing and sometimes little pinches, I have had anxiety for years, it has gotten worse with age and post menopause I am 55 , post meno for one year, I could go on and on with other stuff but wanted to start with this, there are many things it could be attributited too but wanting to see if anyone else has experienced this when Anxiety is at its worst?? Thank You for any answers ~ Wanda