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  1. You don't have to have parties with friends. You can just do family parties with the cousins. Family is generally much easier to deal with than friends. I know many people that only have family birthday parties, and then once the child gets to school-age they're only allowed to invite one or two friends, but it still remains mostly family. Also, instead of you throwing it, maybe you could ask your siblings to help you? I'm sure they would be happy to throw a party for their beautiful niece! Or, if you can't do that.. make that day a special day for you two and dad (if he's there). Every year, you three can go out to dinner and make it be all about her. It doesn't need to be a big party and a big celebration. What's most important is that she knows you both love her deeply and care about her. She doesn't need a party to make her feel special, especially if you have other traditions.
  2. Maybe next time instead of googling the horror movie you should come on here and ask for help? If you steer away from horror and focus on happier things you'll probably sit in a better mindset! Make sure you lock your doors when you're home alone. You'll be safe. Let people know where you are when you get there. Break ins and things like that are very rare. The fact that you care so much about your family and your life is a good sign. You'll work hard to keep them safe. Just be you and live your life. You seem like a nice person and your chances of meeting or living around people that would even attempt to hurt anyone are slim to none. You'll be ok!
  3. I think I get frustrated the most because the people around me don't understand. They either don't see it in me because I'm so fake and try to hide everything, or they think I'm just trying to get attention. If I was just trying to get attention, wouldn't I be doing it in more positive ways? Self-destructive behavior and consistent low self-esteem clearly isn't something I want. But I guess there are people out there that act that way for attention… it's so frustrating.
  4. I've noticed that looks don't end up mattering. How I feel about someone entirely changes how I view their appearance. Telling people your thoughts is so hard. I'm amazing at expressing myself and voicing my thoughts and feelings when I get to write it out… but when I have to actually say it to someone's face I freeze. I hate being so shy.
  5. I know how you feel. I just joined because I'm sitting here and I don't want to be alone but I dont feel like I can talk to anyone i know. I hate feeling alone but still not wanting to be with anyone. do you ever get like that?