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  1. Would love some feedback----I have some heart symptoms that come and go--I've been doing OK recently. I had very brief palpitations 48 hours ago. Since then, I have been burping a lot and feel like I have indigestion, my chest mildly aches (comes and goes), and my left arm has a mild ache. This has happened in the past--I'm 32 years old, but it has come and gone since my mid 20s. Between 24-26 years old--I had a cardiac MRI (26 yrs old) which showed everything was normal---EKGs, and a stress test when I was 24 yrs old. My most recent EKG was a year ago. In the past, these symptoms flare up...terrify me....and then dissipate. However, I always worry that this time it is something really serious--OR these are all signs of something that the docs can't find. Has anyone had a similar experience? I've also been told I have GERD--but that doesn't explain the aching in the arm, which freaks me out. I also wonder if I should get another cardiac MRI or something to see if arteries are blocked or something...I don't know how long a cardiac MRI is "good" for... Would love other people's thoughts and opinions. It would be really helpful. Thank you!
  2. Hi All, I'm freaking out because of chest pain....a dull ache that I feel around my heart....also tightness in my left shoulder, left arm aching, and jaw pain. Of course I've looked into it and these are all symptoms of heart problems. I also have PVCs from time to time (which has also showed up on previous tests). I'll also mention that I burp a lot during these times and feel indigestion (however I also know indigestion is a symptoms of heart problems). That said, all these symptoms come and go--over the past month i'll have it come and go over a day...have it not bother me for a few days and then come back, and then disappear for a year...this has happened over the years.....Within the past 6 years I have had a cardiac MRI, multiple EKGs, a stress test, and worn a halter monitor for 30 days. All came back normal. That said, I have not had any testing done within the past 1-2 years and I'm afraid something has changed or has been missed. Any recommendations or thoughts would be greatly appreciated. I'm struggling quite a bit...
  3. Dear Joycicle and Gilly, Thanks so much for posting. I really appreciate it. You are right, it does sound like DP/DR. I also take benzos and I read this is a symptom of benzos in your system. I still get freaked out thinking about a brain tumor. However, I try to tell myself there would be other symptoms (i.e. seizures, difficulty speaking, etc.)--but then again there could be minimal symptoms. Ugh. Appreciate your thoughts. P
  4. Hi everyone, First post for me, but have struggled with anxiety for much of my life. Over the past month I have been experiencing tension-like headaches. They tend to come and go, but really something I have dealt with in the past. I am under some high stressors (working on completing a dissertation, wife pregnant but also ill, excited about the birth of our first child but also anxiety provoking). At any rate, what has been different about my symptoms this go round is that i have been feeling light-headed (the best way I can describe it). The room isn't spinning and i'm not losing my balance or anything, but my head just doesn't feel right--I feel spaced out and almost as if I have been drinking alcohol (when I haven't been). I have been online and read stories about people just, "not feeling right" and going to their ER only to discover that they have a horrible illness. I have been battling with whether I should go to the hospital or not. I have in the past for different conditions and of course they make me feel better, but obviously only in the short term. Then again, what if this is that one time where I am right and need to go to the hospital. This has been a struggle and has made life tough. All I want to do is sleep because I don't worry (plus my head sensation decreases). Thanks for reading my concerns, and any input or thoughts would be greatly appreciated. P