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  1. Just a question for all of you.... Do you think our pets help us during our anxiety moments or does it not matter. I, myself, have 2 little pooches which i think have helped me out alot. They seem to know when i'm in one of my "fits". They seem to have the ability to calm my racing thoughts. Do any of you have pets that ease some of the anxiety ? Pam
  2. Lol yes Jon!! Somedays my stick needs to be a little bigger then others to beat that beast back. Good thing there isn't a shortage of trees around here! Yes joy there are days when i wonder...why has it come back after all this time...but then i realize well i'm not dead sooo there will be days when i need my BIG stick!! Even on the days when i think i'm doing well i need a stick for that in case moment. )
  3. Thank you for all the great words. I'm trying to be the 'boss' of my own brain. Somedays i think it has it's own boss. But slowly i'm getting there. Thank you Jon little by little I'm trying to get to the point where i can say..'yeah yeah I know what that feeling is' and move on! It does get easier as time goes on. But after not having an 'attack' for awhile it does scare you cause you think it's something new creeping up in the brain. But then you remember 'hey I know what this is' and you do your best to beat the beast back down. Pam
  4. Its getting better Jon. Truth be told I can't remember what I did before. I guess it depends on the day as to how severe it gets. Some days its manageable others feels like I'm stuck in a cycle of anxiety. I know it will get better...mind or matter :-) haha easier said then done some days. But I will get back!
  5. I'm a 44 yr old female. have anxiety issues they were under control for a long time but recently have been having issues with them again.