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  1. hi hun! Iv just done a massive withdrawal off pregabelin! I felt awful I also thought I should b in hospital but u got through it! Take it a day at a time rest and get as much love an support as u can! U will b ok! Xxx
  2. all my victories have stopped... I'm not sure what happened... Feel crappy an no energy!! Ughh!! xxx
  3. Hi Hannah I agree with kylie uv come to the right place... i was the same as a child I could never sleep out... if I did id get sick there and couldnt eat... I also have agoraphobia anxiety and depression I know how hard it is... Ur doin great hun keep going... uv made a step by coming here to make friends its so hard to socialise when anxiety is thrown in the mix... If u ever want to talk feel free to inbox Xxx
  4. u can do this hun!! Just stick at it! Yes side effects suck!!! But u need to go through the 1st few weeks of getting the meds in ur system then the side effects should sub side and u will know if they suit u... If they don't no biggie and depending howbur feeling either go it alone or try somthin diff! It is hard trying a new med but u can do this xxx
  5. I used to take flupentuxol in a low pill form which is an antiphsycotic whick is usually injected... It worked quite well for me I was able to live a pretty normal life! xxx
  6. yeahh I'm fighting back now!!! Tomorrow I'm just going to do housework then I have a lad I'm seeing coming round for takeaway! I will best this!! I knew it was the withdrawal that was making me to weak to fight back!! Thanks for ur kind words xxx
  7. A nearly victory 2day I sat in maccies an ate my food instead of sitting in the car then I went to help my brother pick glasses in the supermarket! I ended up having a massive panick attack but got what I needed and left so I still did it I'm exhausted now! Need to wait for a delivery an itl b food bath and bed! xxx
  8. I went out today went to 3 shops with my mum and treated myself to a few bits yayy me!! Xxx
  9. If it's working for burglars ? auto correct is mint! Xxx
  10. Ohh are u... well if it's working for burglars all good I had weight gain off a med once but thought I'd rather b happy and gain weight than b miserable and slim... along as Ur happy in itself it's all good! If it's bothering u maby just adjust Ur diet a little an get a bit more exercise! Aww I get u... my dad also suggested to me that it's in Ur mind... u take a pill and Ur better so when I was coming off pregabelin he suggested a cigarette instead of a pill... I'm not suggesting replace a habit with a bad 1 but maby if u feel p need a pill have a piece of fruit or do some yoga... It's good you have your sister for support maby as u go on with your battle get her to meet u closer to the school so u have walked that little bit further on Ur own I Was on 5mg supposed to take it 3 times a day I'd tend to keep hold of it and just take it as I needed some days I'd have 5mg and others I'd have the full 15 mg in 1 go... irresponsible I know... I didn't have any side effects that I noticed really it was more of a psychological thing! I replaced it with other things... again irresponsible but now I struggle to sleep without taking something... I am only taking nytol but it's still a psychological addiction! I suggest u get a lot of support from your Dr an there is also a few helpliness thatb can support u! Woww I ramble on lol!!! Sorry for typos! Xxx
  11. Woww this sounds amazing!! I am a very spiritual person and would love to try this!!! I'm going to google for my area! I also watched that vampire series xxx
  12. 2 weeks med free I did it!! Now I'm just recovering from the physical and mental nock and getting my strength back up then I start battling the agoraphobia... Xxx
  13. hi I seem to be alot better with my eating these past few days... I think it may have just been down to stress self hatred and anxiety! They are really good suggestions I don't know why I didn't think of that at the time... Thank you! xxx