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  1. If you want to chat feel free to reach out, certainly can be difficult not to think of the worst even when the most common causes are really the most likely! Atleast you are on top of it & it sounds like you're in very good hands. All the best for your scope this week & enjoy the clean out! 😅
  2. Great to hear you've scheduled a colonoscopy and will certainly give you the peace of mind you're after! I'm also a 31 y/o male & I recently had similar symptoms for three or so months (had a bit of this in my early 20s aswell). I was referred for colonoscopy & when I woke I was told by my surgeon he removed 17 polyps, the largest being 28mm - all of which contained no cancer or signs of high dysplasia, some smaller polyps remain which will be monitored or removed in my next scope in three months. My symptoms immediately resolved.