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    Actually, a list of questions from a doctor would be a perfect roadmap. Googling would be like "OMG - I fit ONE of the criteria therefore I have this disease". That's too easy to do. You could see a bump on the skin, freak out that it's cancer....and it's a pimple!
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    Whatever you do, do not Google, it really makes things worse for people like us. There's those rare cases that are on Google that make frontpage news, and that's why those cases hit frontpage news, because they get the clicks. If you're worried, try call your neuro's office and have him/her call you and have a list of questions prepared, that way you take care of all your HA question issues and can check all of them off one by one. That way you don't have the "oh no, I forgot to ask him/her something!" mindset.
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    I know this is very tough for you, but like Ironman said, you'll have to talk to your doctor about it. This does mean you need to work on all the stuff that may be causing this - the usual, exercise, diet, etc. They will do their best to help you deal with it. I don't think you have to be 100% vigilant but that is the reason why meds exist - you'll probably have to take maintenance meds like a blood pressure med and an anti-cholesterol med. As you realized, Google is THE WORST thing to do when they tell you about your condition - it is better you talk directly to your doctor, have your doctor call you if you have questions/are worried. Google will send you down a rabbit hole. I do suggest therapy though, they will help you get it all off your mind and help you deal with this.
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    Well, there is nothing to do in the immediate short term but do the best you can and wait. Leave it all to the doctor. I am in a similar situation. My father passed at 60 of a heart attack. He smoked and didn't get a lot of exercise (twisted his knee and never got surgery). His parents died at 72-74. Grandfather of a broken heart seeing his wife pass - they fled to the US from Hungary. So - blood pressure is also an issue. Mom's side - far more longevity, but blood pressure issues....My maternal grandfather died at 67 of liver cancer....he was a mortician, though. Great guy. My maternal grandmother was 92, sharp as a tack, but had a stroke (likely because nurses were giving her meds after a fall that put her in a nursing home). Even the men in her family lived to be 90. Since my eye issues of 2016, I see my doctor every six months.
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    Thank you, Marc. Wow 97, that's more than I can ask for, happy to live till my late 70s considering my family history. I guess more than anything I fear that I will be robbed of a normal life with this new heath problem. (What is normal these days anyway). I will have to be on guard for a possible heart attack or stroke my whole life. I always have to watch what I eat. (I have no problem going on a healthy diet, but I wanna be able to eat some good food every once in a while). Like can I catch a break? First, it was the colon polyp - again something that I am forever at risk of having in the future. Then this? And oh my God, heart attack and stroke? Diseases that are so unpredictable. I know it can be managed, but I'm really just frustrated with my health problems. Our family's health history is a nightmare, both on my mother and father's side. Sorry for ranting. I know that I have to wait till I talk to my cardiologist but my mind is too occupied and anxious right now.
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    We had thanksgiving dinner and a couple of the people had Corona in the last monrh, but not immediate. They were no longer contagious. I am vaccinated, but no booster.
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    So many different things - namely diabetes, anal/rectal cancer, colon cancer, brain tumor, and breast cancer.