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    Has anyone here had any experiences with health anxiety issues regarding the mattress they use? I’m beginning to think a lot of my pains, parasynthias, and other problems are related to the mattress I’m sleeping on. I bought a nectar mattress and have had it for a year but I think it could be causing nerve pain due to its firmness?
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    ...and only casually monitoring just to make sure it's not getting totally worse. It will take some time. I still have a bit of a weird feeling in my heel, but it's not bad. and I did get that third run in. First time since before the Corona at least, so it's been nearly two years.
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    One CT scan, about 12 vials of blood (total over four years), EKG, two sonograms, one angiogram, a urinalysis... …...and a partridge in a pear tree.
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    Yes. I agree with you. I'll tell you what else. I noticed that I was having hip pain due to a step stool I have under my desk at work (I'm short). I had to switch back to my old broken down stool because it's just the right height...otherwise, I get horrible pains. Ergonomics at work and the right pillow and mattress at home are very important.