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    I saw that I missed the part where you said that and edited it haha If it gets worse, you may want to call him again, but otherwise I agree with him I don’t think it’s serious. Sweating at night is irritating but usually harmless. I’ve had it happen quite a few times before.
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    Some medicines can cause an increase in body temperature. I’ve had this happen before. Try wearing lighter clothes to bed. If it gets any worse, it wouldn’t hurt to call your doctor again, though Some people just sweat when they sleep, too. Nightmares can also cause a person to wake up sweating, even drenched sometimes.
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    Have you thought ahead as far as therapy / medication? There's no harm in the self help route, so long as you are aware enough to know when (or if) it's time to add professional help into the mix. I chose self help for a few years or more. I eventually had to make the decision to seek help from a therapist, and that gave me the extra push I needed to overcome the worst part of my anxiety. I won't push it on you though, I'm just sharing my own experiences with seeking help. I do recommend it. I found it extremely helpful, and many others here (or used to be here) have as well.
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    QUICK UPDATED - EVERYTHING WENT WELL... SUPER AMAZING DOCTOR.... Told me headaches come from neck issues and gave trigger point injections. I passed neuro test 100% told me I don't have a brain tumor. Thank you all for your support. I need to move on with my life and actually start enjoying it!!!! I AM SO WORRIED ABOUT DYIENG THAT I'M NOT LIVING
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    I have known 4 people who have had ALS and none of them had the symptoms you mentioned. One person had sudden severe slurred speech, the second person suddenly had severe weakness and fell to the ground, the third was a strong man, who suddenly could not open a twist jar and the fourth person I don`t know.
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    Oh yes Nutmeg, I did. But so do most people with anxiety. Panic often comes in waves. 'Am I going to panic?. Oh dear, I feel it coming, will it ever stop'. Yes it will, if you let it come without resistance. It's the resistance that causes the anxiety to go on. If you resist anything you have to remember you are using a lot of energy. The energy you don't have much of at the moment. The old Dr. Who saying by the Daleks, 'resistance is futile' comes to mind. Now honest, I do know how difficult this can be. You are NOT bipolar. Another much used word that describes a condition of which the symptoms are all too obvious. Don't feel hopeless if you can avoid it. Hopelessness, despair and self pity are your enemies as much as anxiety. Dark days seem to go on and on. Good days seem fleeting, but sticking it out without adding fear to fear will eventually work. Please try. When you feel a wave of fear come over you LET IT COME with as much acceptance as you can manage. If you look under 'Articles' you will see some very good advice from 'lonesailor' about acceptance. Like all of us on here she has been there. Now try and take heart. It's really possible to learn to manage anxiety so that it no longer affects your life. I don't pity you because my pity, like self pity, is useless. But I do have empathy for you because I can enter into your suffering. That can only be done by someone who has experienced anxiety at its worst. Take care.
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    That is such a typical anxiety bluff. Self diagnostic of something you have no knowledge of.