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Hi :)

I just recently signed up for AC after struggling with what I have been told is a panic disorder. I've experienced anxiety since I was younger, but recently it has taken on a much scarier form. I came here for answers, to see if anyone else has experienced similar symptoms and to seek advice on how to manage it. I came here for comfort, I hope by sharing my own struggles maybe it will comfort someone who is fighting their own invisible battle.

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First Post :) Anxiety Changes Forms

Hi  I just signed up for AC after a few months struggling with what I have been told is a 'panic disorder'. (i'm still not convinced i'm not dying, which definitely doesn't help the anxiety.) Recently i've been struggling with this strange discomfort/pain in the left side of my chest and left arm pit. It comes and goes, but is almost present. I can feel this weird pressure/tension in the top of my left breast, the left side of my chest, my arm pit, and sometimes it radiates somewhat dow



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