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Ever since I was very little from the age of 5 until now (I’m 23), there has been multiple occasions where I would scream during my sleep. 

When I was little, I would scream at the top of my lungs, very high pitched in the middle of the night. This would happen maybe once every 3 weeks. My parents would fly out of their bedroom stumbling over eachother freaking out saying that it sounded like a murder. 

In present time there have been occasions (usually early AM 5-8) where I would yell out in my sleep. Usually a high pitch as well as it almost seems like I try to be as loud as possible. Sometimes they are from nightmares, and other times just randomly. 

I was curious if anyone else has seen this or know what it is? I understand a child yelling out in the night, but a full grown man now...seems odd. 


- Just wanted to add that sometimes when I yelled out when I was younger, I was awake but still in the dream. That fear and feeling was the most frightening thing. I’ve had it happen one other time a few years ago. Being trapped in a dream...

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We used to think of these as night terrors but I just read an article today that it is actually Panic attacks! I came across a guy who had this from the age of 8. Wingnut I want to send you the letter, you will know him he is an actor. PM me and I will email it to you. 


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