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A new obsession

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My health anxiety isn’t based so much on symptoms but more on exposures . Now i have a new obsession and i don’t know how to stop obsessing and worrying. We had painters come and they patched up some holes that were from wall art and After i came home and had my kids in the area the work was done in i noticed white stuff on the floor. I got the name of the product and found out an ingredient is known to cause lung  “ c” if inhaled. The workers said they did the patch work using a wet rag instead of sanding which doesnt produce much dust but there was still  trails of this harmful material on our floor.

now I’m going crazy wondering what if my youngest got a hold of some and tasted it or if some particles landed in his pack n play ( bc there were holes patched above it)  i am so upset over this and I’ll never know if he ate any or played over what was on the floor. I was in the kitchen watching him from a few feet away and saw him playing w a toy every time i looked but my mind is going crazy worried sick for him. I also had him eat in his high chair and am worried what if some of the particles  landed on that. 

Not sure how to stop worrying over this.just when i am slowly getting over the last exposure fear a new worse one comes in. I just can’t take not knowing if my baby could of ingested some of this. I’m so upset and can’t get the what if’s out of my mind.

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