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Perimenopause or GAD

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Hi everyone

I was diagnosed with stress/anxiety 3 months ago due to alot of changes/stress but recently my Dr thinks it could be perimenopause because of my age 50 and some symptoms that can be peri but I've read that alot of peri symptoms are same as GAD and anxiety can be for some women a major symptom. My Dr did a blood test but came back normal but he said hormones can fluctuate so much during peri that it rarely shows a positive result untill your periods stop so I'm not sure what to think, is anyone else in this situation.

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I know exactly how you feel! I am only 27 and was convinced at one point I am perimenapausul. The night sweats are horrific! I’ve been referred to a specailist over my hormones who says they were a normal balance when they were checked. 

Ive recently been put on pregabalin for a trapped nerve but this medication is also used to treat anxiety and my night sweats have stopped. 

Im now wondering if anxiety is the answer to a lot of my health problems 🤔

have you had any success with diagnosis since your post? 

It’s good to know I’m not the only one in this situation. 

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