Neck Pain

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Hello, all! Long time no see. =]

So last week (Tuesday or Wednesday) I noticed that when I turned my neck it felt sore. No biggie. WELL. Thursday morning I woke up and it HURT. Could barely look to my right or look down without it really hurting. Rubbing it helped. So did Motrin, Naproxin (sp?), a heating pad and a hot shower. The weekend came and nothing. No pain no nothing. Didn't think about it whatsoever. 

Yesterday morning it came back. 

It is giving me a headache. I rub the sore spot (side of base of neck) and it goes away for a few. It literally "hurts so good" when I rub it deeply. My ear on that side hurts now and so does my head/shoulder. 

Thoughts? It's not anything serious, huh???? 

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You have muscles and nerves that go from head to shoulder. When you do something as simple as sleep wrong, it can cause pain in head and shoulders

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