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Grey lips super scared

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Hello. For the last month my lips get a grey tint on and off. It comes and goes randomly and last seconds to minutes. I got bloodwork done.

Only off things was thyroid (not much but hypo range)

My pttr was high

Vitamin d and b low.

Im really scared i have a serious heart or lung problem. They will send me for a table tilt test next month cuz i have been getting spells of almost passing out for 5/6 years with headrushes and palpitations. But other than that still have no idea why. I will ask for a chest xray next week to at least check for any visible tumor or something on my lungs but other than that what should i do. Im super scared. To me grey lips are not normal and signify serious health issues altho doctor didnt seem as concerned.


Why could be giving me grey lips other than serious heart or lung issue =,[


I cant sleep please help

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Gray lips are usually from lack of oxygen. If you are not in distress, then gray lips are not an emergency.

As far as a chest x ray, unless you have a reason, no doctor will do an x ray on request.

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