Paxill Not Working Anymore

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Hi Everyone,


I have diagnosed anxiety and depression.


Since late last May, I have been on Paxil and Seroquel, both the extended release and immediate release.


I am currently on 60 mgs of Paxil, 150 mgs of Seroquel XR, and 200 mgs IR at bedtime


The last month and a half has been horrible... I've been trying to get help from my psychiatrist who does not feel there is a problem. My scores on her anxiety and depression scale have continued to go up, up, and up when they are supposed to remain low. I haven't been sleeping well, I constantly feel jittery, I don't want to eat. I have seen my family doctor who is referring me  to a different psychiatrist, but I'm struggling. I had a horrible panic attack Tuesday night.


There is some major stressors in my life currently, but, my medication has always brought me to a point where I could use coping strategies (breathing, distraction, worry time) and I feel like my medication isn't doing it anymore. My current psychiatrist won't change my meds, so, I am wondering.. Has anybody ever been admitted for a few days to change medication?


Does anyone have any other thoughts or advice? I am really struggling.

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Hi Wheelie,

Its normal that some medication may work well for others and not the same for yourself.  

When I was 22 I started on Paxil due to anxiety and panic attacks....it worked for a few months but then lost its effectiveness.  I was scared and alone in my struggles!  Not physically alone as I had support from family, but alone in the sense that no one really knew what I was dealing with.

After 8 months I switched to Effexor XR and it worked well.  Ive been on it for 13 years.....and although I am currently weening off it I am still grateful for the freedome it has given me.

My ultimate goal is to function without meds but that is another topic.

One very important thing ive learned is that our fears are NEVER right.  Although it may be frightening, uncomfortable and at times overwhelming I can confirm that my fears (and I have had MANY with this vivid imagination of mine) were NOT real.  

I still struggle at times but that one fact keeps my hope alive and my strength growing.  That and faith.  Faith has probably been my guiding light all this time....

If you need to talk pls dont hesitate to message me.

Take care!  We r here in this together.


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Hey there Wheelie24,

How are you doing today? Well, I hope. It sounds like you are definitely struggling in your current situation. I also have GAD, however, I haven't had an attack at all this year and i will get one about once a year.

I would like to give you some advice if I could. I'm going to tell you some things you already know. Basically, you're afraid and you're unsure of what is causing your panic attacks. The problem is with GAD you stop being afraid of that one thing and suddenly the problem is panic attacks in general. You avoid places, or activities, in which you might have had one in the past. This is normal. There is nothing wrong with how your body is reacting to this sickness.

Now, medication is a great way to figure out how your body works, but understand only you can fix yourself. This is what a psychiatrist is for. They don't really do much but help you challenge yourself and ask the right questions to move forward. Remember a panic attack is all in your head and you need to try to remember that during a panic attack. That's very hard, I know, but you can do it.

So, let me ask you some questions... 

How is your breathing? Are you aware that 65% of people do not breathe correctly? Try doing some research on Belly breathing. It will help you slow your heart rate during a panic attack.

Did you know your mind is like a muscle and will get better at what it does if you push it towards what you want? Meaning, you can actually get rid of panic attacks by trying to push towards those attacks. The more you observe you came out on the other end alright, the more you won't be afraid of the start.

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Hi i had to switch meds as Zoloft was no longer working for me. Please try to get a new psychiatrist if this one is not helping. 

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